wrong holes
 producing and experiencing IDENTITYxAUTHENCITY in context of cyber-erotics
I see pornography as a genre that is both analytically undervalued and pop-culturally over-present. It seems like there is Porn’s Golden Age 2.0 happening, with pornesthetics resurfacing from the Incognito tabs into influencers’ instagram feeds and onto hyper-expensive hoodies stamped with Pornhub’s logo. Producing erotic content with varying levels of nsfw-ishness suitable for plethora of different platforms seems to come at ease for a generation well aware of monetary value inscribed in every ‘nude’.
While it may seem like sex is leaking into the “official” Internet, the leaks are defined solely by what forms an attractive content to accompany ads on the platform. Arousal is safeguarded, social platform users stay safe. Racism, misogyny and gore don’t pose dangers of that type pornographic experience needs clear-cut separation as long as it doesn't mix well with precious add content.
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